Focus Group

Feedback we Received

Our idea for a Metal related website was reasonably well received by both groups. The issues they pointed out were understandable, such as not much obvious revenue. Additional, group 2 had issues with the methods of advertising the product to its intended target.

Feedback Group 1 Received 

Group one’s idea for a education based website was also well received by both groups. Both groups were content that it was well thought out, and it would likely be well received. Additionally, our group saw that funding would be an issue during the early stages of production.

Feedback Group 2 Received 

Group two’s idea for a film and music received mixed reception by the two groups. While group one’s members and I both thought that the website idea was good, (a solid subject matter, easy to make the cost money back, etc..) the other two members of my group appeared to take issue with the idea. I am not sure for certain, however, I think they may have just been trying to wind them up.


Webzine Content Research

My group and I decided to use the Metal Webzine for our future assignment. We then performed some content research into other web magazines with a similar

This is a basic webzine, reporting and commenting on all recent news and update in the music industry, it does not concentrate onto any artist or genre.

This was a pretty much Skrillex and EDM concentrated webzine, the updates and posts are mainly centered around Skrillex.

This is a comedy webzine, different to the others by the fact it allows its members to submit and edit the posts instead of one group or single person running the webzine.

These are excellent examples of the formats needed for the webzines we have been researching. A lot of visuals are needed for a younger audience, and a minimum of text. One of the ideas we will not use is the use of bright colours, as we will be using darker colours for our metal related webzine.


Good morning/evening, my name is Samuel Chadwick, and today I will be pitching my idea for a web-zine called, My idea is to create a metal themed web-zine, to inform viewers about upcoming Metal related events and gigs, as well as give information about the artists and bands. Through this web-zine, we intend to promote both well-known artists and some lesser-known artists, to encourage more talented people to join this genre. From our surveys we conducted, our intended target audience are people of both genders aged between sixteen and nineteen years old.

I intend for the site to be interactive, allowing users the chance to add their own content, making the webzine as immersive and user friendly as possible. The format is deliberately informal, so as to appeal to the younger audience.

Our homepage will be designed to set the mood for the website, while at the same time visually drawing the audience to explore the website further. Dark colours will most likely be employed, keeping in with the subject matter.

We will have an events page to inform our viewers about any upcoming events, and the prices of tickets on entry. Additional information about the locations of these concerts, the artists playing, and the amount of people who can attend will also be included. This will also be where we post notifications about updates to the web-zine itself.

We will include videos and images of the artists at gigs, to give the viewer a taste of what the music will be like. We intend to get most of our pictures and video clips royalty free, due to the promotional nature of our website.

Additionally, we will have a social media page, with links to our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. This will give users a chance to stay even more up to date, and give critic on the webzine itself.  It also may help us get in touch with more people to join us in the development and upkeep of the web-zine.

On each of these web pages, we will have related adverts. This will be used to supplement our costs, and help generate revenue.

Half of our staff, notably those who enjoy metal music, will attend these metal concerts to critic the music, and record images and video footage on their phones. The more technically minded of the group will be involved in the upkeep of the web-zine, keeping the information about upcoming events and gigs up to date and accurate.

We feel our web-zine will be a success due to two of our group members being Metal fans, so we already know what our target audience wants.

We can also link our success to our low budget of less than £7,000 a year. Due to the promotional nature of our webzine, we hope to receive reduced prices on entry.  As aforementioned, we also hope to be able to use otherwise trademarked images and videos royalty free, as this website serves as cheap advertisement for the artists and bands. Ultimately, if our website reaches our intended size and scope, we intend on monopolising on the metal music promotion industry.

Content Post

We intend to create a metal themed web-zine, that informs about upcoming Metal concerts for our 16-19 year old target audience. Our site will be interactive, so the users can add content and create a sense of community.

We want an informal format, so as to appeal to the intended target audience.

—We also want to promote lesser known artists, as this will encourage more talented people to join this genre.

  • VIDEOS: We will take some videos of some of the metal concert.
  • TEXT: We will write out a description of the event, artist, estimated number of people, ticket prices etc.
  • IMAGES: We will use stock images and images taken at the concerts with our phones

Home Page: The first thing the visitors of the web-zine will see, will have links to the other pages

Upcoming Events: Information about upcoming metal concerts, and any updates about new content for the web-zine

Videos and Images: Gives a sample of what the concerts will be like to promote artists

Social Media: Links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Developer Jobs Post

Some members will attend metal concerts to find new material. These will likely be Kieran and  Keelan as they are the members of the team that are most into this genre. They will record and take images on their phones, and review the concert. This will be put on the webzine, to better promote the artists in question. An advantage of doing this is we will not have to pay royalties for images and videos that we took ourselves.

Others  will be involved in the upkeep of the web-zine. This will likely be my job, as I know the least about metal music (in comparison to my colleagues), and am one of the more technically minded. They will make sure the information is up to date and accurate. Kieran will also be in charge of marketing, securing reduced ticket prices and advertisement for the website.