Budget Post

My group and I intend to keep costs as low as possible, so we created a budget to keep within our means. The price for the web domain would be £7.99 a year if purchased from the web domain provider GoDaddy.

The cost of going to the concert will be one of the more expensive aspects, so we will only attend four a year. The entry price would average about £75 per person. We will be sending two of the members of the group to these events, so the total entry costs for the year would be £600.

Transportation to these events would probably be by car, so within reason this will cost about £10 to get there and back. This comes to an approximate amount for transportation of about £40 a year.

We intend to pay ourselves £6.50 an hour for the upkeep of the website. Since this will approximately take about two hours a week, this will cost approximately £676 a year.
This takes our total spendings for the first year to £1323.99.


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