Content Post

We intend to create a metal themed web-zine, that informs about upcoming Metal concerts for our 16-19 year old target audience. Our site will be interactive, so the users can add content and create a sense of community.

We want an informal format, so as to appeal to the intended target audience.

—We also want to promote lesser known artists, as this will encourage more talented people to join this genre.

  • VIDEOS: We will take some videos of some of the metal concert.
  • TEXT: We will write out a description of the event, artist, estimated number of people, ticket prices etc.
  • IMAGES: We will use stock images and images taken at the concerts with our phones

Home Page: The first thing the visitors of the web-zine will see, will have links to the other pages

Upcoming Events: Information about upcoming metal concerts, and any updates about new content for the web-zine

Videos and Images: Gives a sample of what the concerts will be like to promote artists

Social Media: Links to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram



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