Focus Group

Feedback we Received

Our idea for a Metal related website was reasonably well received by both groups. The issues they pointed out were understandable, such as not much obvious revenue. Additional, group 2 had issues with the methods of advertising the product to its intended target.

Feedback Group 1 Received 

Group one’s idea for a education based website was also well received by both groups. Both groups were content that it was well thought out, and it would likely be well received. Additionally, our group saw that funding would be an issue during the early stages of production.

Feedback Group 2 Received 

Group two’s idea for a film and music received mixed reception by the two groups. While group one’s members and I both thought that the website idea was good, (a solid subject matter, easy to make the cost money back, etc..) the other two members of my group appeared to take issue with the idea. I am not sure for certain, however, I think they may have just been trying to wind them up.


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