Budget Post

My group and I intend to keep costs as low as possible, so we created a budget to keep within our means. The price for the web domain would be £7.99 a year if purchased from the web domain provider GoDaddy.

The cost of going to the concert will be one of the more expensive aspects, so we will only attend four a year. The entry price would average about £75 per person. We will be sending two of the members of the group to these events, so the total entry costs for the year would be £600.

Transportation to these events would probably be by car, so within reason this will cost about £10 to get there and back. This comes to an approximate amount for transportation of about £40 a year.

We intend to pay ourselves £6.50 an hour for the upkeep of the website. Since this will approximately take about two hours a week, this will cost approximately £676 a year.
This takes our total spendings for the first year to £1323.99.



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For the heading, I chose Copperplate Gothic, as I felt it had a bold look, and accentuated the three z’s at the end. When the title has been clicked on, the words will briefly change to a bold version, to let the user know the selection has been made.

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For the tabs, I chose bandani that would stand out. As with the title, the font will change to bold when selected.

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For the body of text I chose Adobe Arabic, as it is plain, and easy to read.

Persuasive techniques for Pitching

Persuasive Techniques

One of the most important things to keep in mind when performing a pitch is that you are talking directly to a person.. This means that the success of the pitch correlates to how that person is addressed. Correct tone of voice, maintaining eye contact, and overall passion for the product is the key to a good pitch. It does not matter how good the product is, if you cannot convey how good the product is, then hardly anyone will even get to try it.

Another important aspect of a pitch is to keep it to a set time frame. A pitch that is too short may not have enough information, whereas a pitch that is too short may loose the interest of the audience. One of the more difficult tasks is to present the information in such a way as to make the viewer want to hear more, without leaving out important details.


Your Verbal Pitch

How To Pitch An Idea


Verbal/Writting Pitching

Verbal and Written Pitching

A Verbal Pitch

A verbal pitch refers to any pitch performed live in front of an audience. An essential part of a verbal pitch is to be enthusiastic in the presentation, by showing emotional investment, buyers are more likely to believe in your product. However, the pitch must also be succinct and to the point as possible. The main advantage a verbal pitch has over a written pitch is that a verbal pitch is more personal, and allows you to introduce both the product and yourself. The pitch should also be as visually appealing as possible.

A Written Pitch

A written pitch refers to any pitch sent in mail, email, or via phone to the recipient. As before, the pitch should also be as visually impressive as possible. It should also be short, the main punch line and an additional sentence or two. The advantage of a written pitch is that it gives both the producer and the recipient far more time leeway. Instead of having to arrange a date to meet up for the pitch, the author can create the written pitch anytime, and the recipient can view it at their leisure.